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As a mom, you already do so much to protect your family- buckling seatbelts, cooking healthy meals and requiring bike helmets. But did you know that the laundry detergent you may be using could contain little-known chemicals called optical brighteners?

According to scientific research, these can cause allergic reactions, are toxic to small fish and other aquatic life, and can pollute your waterways.

When ultraviolet light hits optical brighteners coating your clothing, the brighteners convert UV rays into visible light to create an optical illusion. This tricks the eye into thinking the clothing is whiter and brighter, and therefore cleaner than it really is.

So how can you avoid these optical brighteners? Seventh Generation makes it easy because their laundry detergents are not only free of optical brighteners, but they’re also non-toxic . In addition, because Seventh Generation liquid laundry detergents are both hypo-allergenic and biodegradable, you can rest easy knowing you made a considerate choice for your family and the environment.

When washed in a conventional laundry detergent that contains optical brighteners, clothes appear to glow under a black light. When you use Seventh Generation liquid laundry products, you won’t see the same glow on your clothing.

I took two identical organic cotton shirts and washed one in a conventional laundry detergent that contains optical brighteners and the other in Seventh Generation laundry detergent which does not use optical brighteners

Can you see the difference?

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