Gevalia: 3 Boxes of Coffee for $3 Shipped!

This offer is still available and awesome! Score this awesome deal for $3.00 shipped to your door! Go here to grab 3 boxes of Gevalia Coffee and a free scoop and free shipping!

I love this coffee, wondering if I can get this deal again?!?

PLEASE NOTE: you will have to cancel this “subscription” once your order arrives, but it is super easy and there is no pressure from the company, just call em up and cancel!

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  1. Does this require you to sign up for the monthly coffee delivery service? It looks like by checking the box at the bottom that’s what you sign up for?

    • I am sorry I will update the post, it does..BUT you can cancel as soon as you get your order, or continue if you love the coffee like I did. But it is super easy to cancel, no hassles from them or anything. I canceled the service before with no problems!

  2. Judy W. says:

    I did this about 2 yrs ago and got everything they said I would get… then about 2 wks later and i called and cancelled. I have since tried to do it again… and they say no everytime.
    So once you sign up and then cancel. trust me you can’t ever do it again.

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