FREE Samples from General Mills!

Sign up for free samples from General Mills here. The only problem is its in Spanish, and I can’t tell what you are signing up for…anyone translate it for me?

{Thanks Money Saving Mom!}

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  2. igoogle has a translator you can type in the info and it will tell you what it says in english

  3. I ‘ll translate it for you real quick:

    Saludo: Sr. Sra. Srita. (That’s Mr. Mrs. Miss)
    Nombre: (First Name)
    Apellido: (Last Name)
    Direccion: (Home Address)
    Ciudad: (City)
    Estado: (State)
    CP: (Zip Code)
    Fecha de Nacimiento: (DOB)
    Correo electronico: (E-mail address)
    Clave: (password)

    The last entry is a question of where you regularly shop at (ex. Kroger, Publix, etc)

    After you click “Continuar” You’ll get a message saying that you’ll receive an email soon and that you’ll get your sample in a couple of weeks.

  4. Make sure you use one number in your password to go through.

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