FREE Lighter from USA Gold!

Free lighter when you join USA Gold (cigarette site) V isit their new website and sign in or join; then see bottom of page for free lighter – you have a choice of four (guitar, camo, flag, 8 ball)

I know not everyone smokes but everyone needs a lighter for other things like lighting candles and what not :)

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  1. I’d really like to have that guitar lighter for my hubby, but since I didn’t get a mailing with an ID code, I have to print out the age verification form and send it in, (and my printer has no ink at the moment, so I guess I won’t get one…boohoo). Did you have to do that?

  2. That’s the one I chose, and no I didn’t have to do that…? I had to set up an account though and I had no Id code either…

  3. What is the brand of lighter like could i buy one without register from somewhere else

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