Free It Forward

Ever heard of the phrase “pay it forward”? It is referring to someone doing something good for you, so you “pay it forward” by doing something good for someone else. Well here I tell you the story of how Free It Forward was born, and what you can expect from it…

A couple weeks ago my sister and I were having lunch at Subway, we of course used coupons for our meals, and had many coupons left over which were expiring that Sunday, so as people were buying their meals, we were offering them coupons to save on that meal that they were already buying. It was alot of fun! My sister and I talked about how much we like being able to share the deals that we find with those people. We thought about how we could start doing more things for people. I said kinda like pay it forward for deals, and my sister said, yeah, but for free! So the idea was born for Free it Forward! Where we somehow “free it forward” to others. It might be giving someone a coupon for an item they were buying, showing them how to get something for free, or anything else that “frees it forward”, or passes along the good deal!

Stay tuned for our first official adventure of “Free it Forward” Friday’s Video, which will showcase our attempt at freeing the deal forwards with a few people! Come back tomorrow for the Free It Forward Video!

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  1. extremely excited!!!!!!

  2. Very NICE! Love it!


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