Free It Forward: Question?

Getting Ready for my Free It Forward Friday Video tomorrow, but I have a question…

How do you you guys organize your coupons?

Do you get coupons, or do you just do the freebies, online deals, and printable coupons?

Would you like a video on how I organize mine? And maybe a contest?

Please let me know! I haven’t made up my mind what  I what to do for tomorrows video yet, I have two ideas, so this will help! Thanks

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  1. Amanda L says:

    Hi I am a newcomer to your website. I love it now you do such a great job on it you should be proud of it. I am a recent coupons shooper after I lost my job due to a company shut down. I love all of the freebies on the sites. The online deals are awesome and the contests are just a big bonus to me. I orginze my coupons in a three ring binder with the baseball card holders. Then I had a cover made for it to look like a big purse.

  2. I would love to see how you organize your coupons! Right now mine are in a stack on our counter…and its getting WAY too big. :-)

  3. Great, thanks for the comments! Check back tomorrow for the video. :)

  4. I’m also a binder girl… Amanda, the cover that makes it look like a purse sounds like a great idea!

  5. mamacoups says:

    I used to have “expandable organizer” i got from big lots for $1. Then I decided I was going to switch to the binder system. I do not have those zipper binders like a lot have. I have white binder with the plastic cover so i can put my lists and papers in there. I have baseball card holders that i got for a good price at staples. I then have a sheet protector between each section and i got the post it tabs, which i think before when i had a piece of paper and tape those worked better than spending the $ on the tabs. I have a pencil holder to hold a pair of scissors, pens, and sometimes misc coupons that i forgot to file =) I lug my binder into the store, at first i thought it would be a pain lugging it around. but now its so much quicker. Thank goodness i switched b/c im a hard core couper now. I sometimes will put extra holders in front and have it all planned for a certain store.. like example i have my target one in front that has gillette coupons, johnsons coupons to be used for buddies, etc…. so i know that i should get them at the particular store…

    I get MANY sunday papers… I mean many… i do print coupons online as well. i do mail in rebates sometimes not all the times. if i buy like a dvd, i will not go out and buy something i dont need to get that 5$ rebate (like right now im referring to the princess and frog rebate for the painters tape) i wont do that….

    I do donate A LOT of items to my community. I think that as well should be a focus. I will donate to an organization that makes boxes of everyday hygene items for the homeless in our community. Knowing that I help out other people by getting it for free or making money off of it, whatever, makes me feel fantastic when im able to donate a good amount of items for people in need

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