Free It Forward- Getting Good Deals at Aldi’s!

So we had a fun day of shopping at Aldi’s. Find a location near you HERE! Here are some things to should know about shopping there:

  1. You do pay a quarter for your cart, but you get it back when you return it! Its so they don’t have to pay someone to go out and wrangle up all the strays. It is actually saving you money, because then they can lower their cost of products.
  2. They don’t take coupons, but sometimes that is a good thing {nothing to worry about bringing!}
  3. They do carry some name brand items, but without a coupon I don’t think the prices are that great.
  4. You should bring in your own bags, another way they save money is by asking you to bring your own, or you can use some left over boxes they have. Or sometimes customers will bring in a bunch of their plastic bags and leave them at the check out for others to use. You can purchase re-useable bags there for around .99¢
  5. I was told the produce is local to our area. The meat he was unsure of. I did get a number that I could call and speak to someone, but I do have 4 children in my house, and will gladly pass along the number if anyone would like it!
  6. In PA Milk is only allowed to be so low, so yes Aldi’s has the lowest milk price allowed. In other states, it could be as low as .99¢ on sale! So look for your price!
  7. They usually have 4 produce items on sale in one week, and then rotate them. Last week Pineapples were $1.50 this week they are $2.79. Their produce section is the main reason I will be going back. I mean $1.19 for 5 lbs. of potatoes is amazing!
  8. I will continue to get my items at drugstores that cost me next to nothing, but I wasn’t expecting Aldi’s prices to beat that!
  9. I think that it was so nice not to have to think about, “do I have my coupons, deal list, etc.” I know I can run into Aldi’s and grab stuff at reasonable, if not great prices. And not walk out thinking Man! I didn’t get a deal.  I think that you can’t go wrong, if you don’t have time and need something, Aldi’s will help in situations like that!

So here is a re-cap of some of the items Angie picked up today {some didn’t make it into the video} or it is too hard to see it!

  • 5 lbs of Potatoes $1.19!
  • Strawberries $1.19!
  • Bag of Carrots .49!
  • Potato Chips $1.29
  • 2 Litters of Sodas .69
  • Large Jar of Salsa $1.69
  • 8 oz. Chuck Cheese $1.79
  • Misc. Cereals $1.49-$1.89
  • Tortilla chips .99
  • Cheese Puffs .99
  • White Bread .79
  • Fruit Squeezer Drinks-5 pack .99
  • Kids Cheese Stick Snacks-5 pack .99
  • 3 lbs of Chicken Breast $5.99

Total for 37 items was $48.71 and that includes the Chicken Breast!

So my overall opinion of Aldi’s breaksdown to this: Aldi’s Shines when it comes to produce! Items we can get for FREE at Drugstores, I would continue to get there {no surprise}, most items were an ok price, not amazing but not bad. So my thoughts are that it was very nice to go into a store and not have to worry about coupons/deal scenarios! And will continue to grab produce there, as well as some other items when I am in there that I found were good prices. My advice-go check it out, bring a quarter and a bag, and let me know what you can find that is a good deal!

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  1. Thanks for the video.

    I grew up in the rural midwest and aldis was the only store my mom shopped at (single mom of two kids meant she had a tighter than tight budget – I bet she spent for one month, what I currently spend in one week).

    Unfortunately, aldis shines when it comes to cheap and over-processed foods (ie: all those great snack chips and crackers). Which has made me completely rebell against them and stores like them as an adult. My family now eats primarily organic/fresh (which wrecks on the budget).

    Anyway, I heard rumors that they might now have some light/organic products. Did you come across any on your tour?

    Thanks again!


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