Free It Forward Friday- Organize Coupons and Give Away!

The Video, finally!

Free it Forward this week is more about “freeing” information to you, my readers! Here is where you can find the items to make a binder at amazon, hopefully you can use some swagbucks to pay for it!  All items ship free with Prime, or $25 order.

Wilson Jones (W362-44W) 3-Ring View Binder, 11 x 8-1/2 Inches with 2-Inch Rings, White Only $3.86 {less than I paid in Walmart!}

Avery® 16170, Translucent Durable Write On Reference Dividers, 8-1/2 x 11, 5 Tab Set Only $3.24 {not the 8 pack I got}

9-Pocket ULTRA PRO Silver Card Protector Pages – 100 count box Only $14.22  OR

25 Ultra Pro 9 Pocket Page Protectors Fits 3-Ring Binder for $7.93 {not as good a deal, but good if you don’t need 100!}

And need some coupons to go in it? Well, Enter my giveaway for 5 readers to win some inserts! Here’s how to enter!

1. Tell me how you organize your coupons currently, or plan to. Are you going to make the switch to binder/file method?

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Leave a separate comment for each entry, contest will end Monday March 15th at 9am EST. Winners will be chosen using

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  1. Becky Rowe says:

    I use a Coupon Clutch binder . I love it because it looks like a purse but really is a fabric covered binder.


  2. I currently use an accordian type folder, definitely need to upgrade soon, it’s busting at the seams!

  3. just signed up for your emails!

  4. I am a FB fan.

  5. I follow on twitter cynthia24x7

  6. Meredith says:

    I use a three ring binder with baseball card protector sheets behind tabs for the coupons and the very back section has page protectors that I keep my weekly ads.

  7. I use an accordion style, but I decided a few days ago that I needed to look into a binder system, so this post came at a perfect time. I especially love the links to the items. :)

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  10. I signed up for the emails

  11. I use the binder method. I have one 3 inch binder for food/grocery items and one 3 inch binder for household items.

  12. signed up for emails

  13. FB fan!

  14. I use a binder, and I love it!

  15. I’m a FB fan!

  16. mamacoups says:

    1. Tell me how you organize your coupons currently, or plan to. Are you going to make the switch to binder/file method?

    All the papers I get I organize them in a drawer thing, mainly used for scrapbooking. I only clip what I immediately would use. Leave the rest still clipped. Then I take a lil sticker with the date of that paper. ALL coupon inserts go in the drawer.

    My coupons are in a big white w/ clear binder. I have all my lists on the front in the clear plastic part. I have the baseball card organizers. My categories are Frees, Drinks, Cleaning, Dairy/Cooler, Drug & Bath, Canned & Sauces, Cereal/Pasta, Snacks & Desserts, Freezer, Misc, Store, Kids. Thats how my tabs are filed. I fold each coupon so i can see the picture on the front. I NEVER double side coupons, so i can always see the expiration on the back and it gets too confusing and you overlook coupons alot.

    I used to do the file folder method, but I go too coup crazy. I go through my coupons about twice a month to get rid of expireds so I never have expireds and get bummed when i see a sale and cant use it.

    When I am going to a certain store with certain sales, I will then gather all my coupons and put an extra holder up front with all those store coupons so i dont have to dig for them. I have a pre-planned game plan =)

  17. Amanda L. says:

    I use the three ring binder and I had a cover made for it to make it look like a purse. I love it and don;t plan on changing it

  18. Anne Hall says:

    Thanks for the great video! I have a bindre that I use but after watching your video, I’m tempted to start a file system, too. Thanks for all of the info!

  19. I follow you on Twitter

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  21. I currently organize my coupons in a stack on our desk…I just started couponing and think this method will not work very well for much longer :-)

    Thanks for your video, I know it will help me!

  22. I currently use an according file that is held together with packing tape…this came out a great time and I SHOULD move to the binder system.

  23. follow you on twitter lkopstad18

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  26. I’m a facebook fan!

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  28. I used a accordian holder, but a few weeks ago I had to do something . That was not working since I became a fan of Good Deal Mamma! Just getting so many great coupons they wouldn’t all fit. I went with a plastic shoe box and use divider cards.
    But after seeing your video I like the binder idea. I don’t like when I don’t have a coupon with me either when I find a great sale!

  29. I have a coupon binder, a folder with clear plastic sheet protectors (one for each store) that I move specific coupons to when planning my shopping trips, and a small accordian coupon holder where I place the coupons I plan to use that day in each store.

  30. I use a plastic file box and put each week’s insert in the file folder. I mark the date with post-it notes as tabs so I don’t have to change them when I switch them out. I print out that week’s list of coupons and stick it in the folder. I just recently switched to this instead of cutting out coupons every week and it has saved me a lot of time. The only drawback is that when I see a great deal that I wasn’t planning on buying at the store, I don’t have all of my coupons with me. It works for me though!

  31. I signed up for your e-mails.

  32. I signed up for emails, thanks!

  33. I used to be a strict binder person, with baseball card inserts, tabs, etc. I found I was spending too much time clipping and filing, and not enough time saving. So now I am an insert/file girl, and use my binder to file those coupons I’ve clipped and ended up not using (products out of stock at the store, my store didn’t have same deals as I found listed on line/regional deals), and my printable coupons. I have about 6 clear plastic sleeves that I put weekly (March 14-March 20) dates on, and use to put my upcoming deals in; I place my clipped coupons for each deal in the corresponding week’s sleeve, along with a printout of each deal that I’m looking for. I used to just bring the coupons, and then when I got to the store couldn’t remember how the deal was supposed to work (some deals are regional, others may not have the same signage, or I shopped during the transition of one sale week to another, in which the signs were all taken down or wrong). NOW, I watch my favorite blogs for deal and copy and paste those deals I want into a running word document, and I because new deals and posts come up daily, I like that I can just click, copy, paste, and be done. Then I print just that week’s deals and take it with me to the store in the sleeve. I don’t worry too much about not having my inserts or binder with me….I used to carry it all, but found I never got into my binder, or rarely did. I figure…the deals will come around again, and while I would like to get the best deal of the century, I have resolved that it’s a whole lot less stress to just “do the best I can by planning, and save a little, or alot along the way.” My husband loves that we can spend more time together and I’m not clipping and filing all the time…and I must say, I’m enjoying couponing much more now since I switched.

    Oh, and thanks for the video and the tip about getting extra inserts at the gas station. I’ll have to give that a shot. I usually just buy one paper, and then buy any extras from clipping services. I’m spending less money by doing it this way, than the 4 papers I was buying before. While I enjoyed giving out free papers to strangers at the checkout line, I felt bad about so much waste and extra expense.

    Thanks for the contest, would love to win the inserts! And thanks for your site. Love it.

  34. i just keep them in a pile with the date on the front, then i can grab the one i need and clip the coupon i need.

  35. I file my coupons in snack size ziplocs in an envelope – that way I can carry them in my purse.
    grossman_stacy at yahoo dot com

  36. I am a facebook fan!
    grossman_stacy at yahoo dot com

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    grossman_stacy at yahoo dot com

  38. I use an old bill file, it has 6 different pockets, I also carry a small coupon organizer in my purse. I really think I need to get a little more organized. Thanks for your video. It gave me some really great ideas!
    I already follow you through email. Thanks again!

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