Free It Forward: Free Stuff for Helping Others!

So We went to some local outlets on Thursday with our kids {of course!} to recycle plastic bottles for a Free Hat from Disney, my oldest who is 4 loved gathering up the bottles/cans and counting them all to make sure we had enough, and was really excited to recycle to get a FREE hat! This promotion was only on Earth Day, but the rest of the deals you can still do! {oh and yes are kids were “talking loudly” with the awesome ladies children, so there is lots of noise, hopefully you can still hear!}

We also went a grabbed are FREE Shirt from Aeropostale and we also used the $10 off of $10 purchase coupon to score a $3.00 Purse & $4.75 for Shorts!

Here is the information on scoring a FREE $10 at Izod/Bass/Van Heusen for Donating at Salvation Army! The hat in the Video was $10, so completely free! How sweet is that?! I was donating items anyway, so what a great incentive to do so!

Hope you enjoy the video, and learned that you can get FREE Stuff for doing things for others! P.S. Caiden is ok, just having to watch him this weekend. He has Very Sensitive skin!

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