FREE Child Summer Fun Kit!

UPDATE:Another update, Now changed to residents of CO only, so hopefully all of us who ordered it will still get it!

Seems like a lot of you are having problems getting this to go through AND I am sorry! Here is how to get it to work:

Type in rockymountainhospitalforchildren . com {remove spaces} And then request your kit. Please let me know if that works. And Thanks to Mrs. P and Beth for fixing it!

Go here to grab a FREE Summer Fun kit for kids. It Includes:

  • BPA-free Kids Cup — protects crushable healthy snacks such as crackers or dry cereal.
  • Jump Rope — a simple way to add to adult fitness training or to encourage kids to stay active.
  • Spacious Tote Bag — goes with you to a fresh food farmers’ market or used to go on picnics and to the swimming pool.

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  1. I can’t get it to go through. I am getting an error resulting in Failed Spammer Check. Anyone else having any problems?

  2. Same problem.

  3. I also received the “failed spammer check” message.

  4. I got the error as well.

  5. i got the same message

  6. You have to go to the site on your own.. do not follow the link, for some reason it says spam check.. but when you manually search the hospital, it lets you get through :)

  7. ditto////i went to ste on own and everything

  8. Make sure you add the “n” in mountain in the site’s name. It’s missing in the post 😉

  9. I got on today, but was only sending to CO.

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