FREE Bottle of Hylands Cold & Cough!

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Oh a side note: if your child has a problem with night time wetting, you should check out Hyland’s Bed wetting tablets! They are all natural and have helped our son so much! {We only do two times a day and he has stopped completely!}

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  1. Cristina says:

    SO how do the bedwetting tabs work? I am so going to go get some now.

  2. So, I have researched this as much as I could. I even called Hylands. All I know is the recommended dosage is 4 times a day. We do after school and before bed. If we forget, he wets the bed. So I know they work. They actually worked from day one!
    Its really hard to understand HOW it works. Even they lady I talked to at Hylands wasn’t super helpful.
    We also stop drinks at 7pm, and make sure we go to the bathroom before bed. My doctor told me he was too young to get an alarm {he’s only 5}
    I know someday we can wean him off once he out grows it, but for now he calls them his magic pills! I am so appreciative for them!!! {He sleeps on the top bunk!}

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