FREE Bar of Bonomo Turkish Taffy Candy!

FREE Bar of Bonomo Turkish Taffy Candy :Just fill out the form, submit your recollections, and if your memory is appropriate for our readers, your candy will be in the mail! (Candy can only be shipped within the U.S. and its territories.)

I haven’t heard of this before, have you?

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  1. Dara Monahan says:

    A childhood favorite of mine! I grew up in Brooklyn, and my school bus passed the Bonomo factory in Coney Island every day on my way to junior high. I enjoyed using the
    freeze-and-crack technique — part of the Bonomo “mystique!”

  2. Have never had Turkish Taff before, but it looks like 70s & 80s candy that I’ve had growing up in Brooklyn! Thanks.

  3. I use to love the turkis taffy , it brings lots of good memories od childhood. We would walk to the corner store where you could get penny candy and other good candy you can’t find now. If you had a Quarter you had a whole bag of candy. I can still remember th Bonomo turkis taffy commercials. The flavors were great vanilla, banana,strawberry and chocalate.I would take my taffy a smack it on th sidewalk and then open it and start eating it.oh! I can taste it now it was just so good I wish they would make it again.Bonomo Turkish Taffy was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. this is karen again, I was so excited to see the Bonomo turkish taffy that i forgot to fill out the form. what do I do?

  5. anything banana is terrific. Yummo!!!

  6. Oh, I remember Bonomo Turkish Taffy very well. There was this penny candy store called McGraw’s on my way home from school, elementary school that is. During Lent, I was supposed to abstain from eating candy. I figured that meant chocolate only so I would stop at McGraw’s, purchase a Turkish Taffy, smack it on the ground and it would break into little pieces that I would enjoy all the way home. I guess I cheated a little on the candy abstainance. If I remember correctly, Bonomo also had vanilla and chocolate flavor Turkish Taffy. All of them were real good and something every kid could afford. Brings back fond memories.

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