FREE Bamboo Bag!

Go here to sign up to receive your free bamboo bag!

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  1. Linda A. says:

    Urgh! It’s one of those Quality Sample gimmicks. I hate those. They make you go through and sign up for a bunch of junk. I”ve tried a few of them and the offers never end and you can only skip so many. Eventually, they tell you that you have to try x number of offers to continue. Not worth my time or privacy :( Thanks for all of the other great deals though – not your fault :)

    • Oh! No its not, that does pop up after you sign up, but just close it, and you will see that you got your bag! The first time I signed up I never even got the pop up, so when I seen your message I was like, HUH? so I tried it again, and see it, but just close it!

  2. i just signed up for mine. i got a pop up with other offers but when i clicked back to the original screen it said thanks and it should be here in 4-6 weeks. no other offers required.

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