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Floor Vase DIY With Oatmeal Container!




floor vase from oatmeal containers


So I LOVE pinterest, who doesn’t?! When I see this pin, I knew it was right up my alley! It was cheap, re-purposing, and so cute!

I had saved empty oatmeal containers until I could do this project…so I ending up buying nothing for this, just used items I had on hand.  But even if you would go out and purchase each item for this project it would still be way cheaper then most floor vases! They can cost $50+!!

I used:

Robin Egg’s Blue paint ($1)

Twine from the dollar tree ($1)

2 Oatmeal containers ($5)

small amount of hot glue


1. Before I did anything, I cut the bottom out of one of the oatmeal containers. I then sat that container on top of the opened 2nd container and hot glued them together so that it was one long open container.

2. The original poster just ripped her outer label off her oatmeal containers, but mine weren’t ripping off correctly, so that’s why I just painted mine. I painted the whole long container with two coats, it wasn’t perfectly covered but it was fine because I knew I would be covering it with twine.

3. To start the twine part, I hot glued a piece to the very top, once that was secure I just started wrapping the twine around the container, trying to make sure there wasn’t huge gaps between the layers.  At the end I hot glued the end piece to the bottom. I didn’t hot glue through out the vase, but because it was one piece of twine it didn’t need it, I just kept the twine pretty tight to the container.

Some spots do have more of the robin’s egg blue showing through but I like that. I then added lighted twigs and some floral picks I had and viola! Done! Easy! And NO ONE ever would be the wiser that it is made from oatmeal containers!!!

floor vase made with oatmeal containers


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