Back Again! Fisher Price Imaginext Sky Racers Carrier $21.73!

UPDATE: Price lowered again! Grab this quick if you want it!

Grab a good deal on Fisher-Price Imaginext Sky Racers Carrier Just $21.73 with free shipping with Prime or a $25 order from Amazon Down from $44.99!

  • The Imaginext Sky Racers Carrier includes an aircraft carrier playset, two figures, two planes, two helmets, flags, and seven projectiles
  • Each plane represents a different team racing team the Rangers (good) vs Hawks (bad)
  • Boys can use the Sky Racers Carrier to race their planes and collect the projectiles that are shot into the “water”
  • Pull the lever to rapid fire the five buoys into the “water”
  • The carrier also includes a door that opens and closes, an anchor, a crane arm, and an elevator that goes up and down


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