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File Cabinet Dresser

filing cabinet dresser how to

My oldest son’s room in our new house is a Vintage Car theme with lots of metal touches. We were looking for an industrial feel in his room. When we had our old house my son’s shared a room and a double dresser. I never really liked the dresser for the boys plus it was so big it wouldn’t work for either of our boys’ new rooms. It does however work perfect for my husbands clothes inside our walk-in closet!

So we were thinking about what would work best in our oldest sons room, and thought how a metal wide filing cabinet would work perfect for his room! My husband went to a local auction and actually bought a ton of different filing cabinets for a really great price, so I had lots of different filing cabinets to choose from!

Cameron’s room is done in orange and grays, so I picked the cabinet based on its size and the fact that I wouldn’t have to paint it 😉 It has really nice deep drawers that hold a lot of clothes!

Plus bonus of using a metal filing cabinet as a dresser, at least for my boys, is they like to stuff their drawers full of clothes, and with cheaper dressers the bottoms like to fall out, literally. With the metal dressers that won’t happen!

I think the wide filing cabinet works best as a dresser but you could always try it with the taller skinnier style. We actually used two of the short, skinny filing cabinets to make his desk, that I will post about another time!

I also will have to post photos of his entire room soon! I just have to get him to clean it up first! 🙂

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