Few of My Favorite Things Tuesday!

  I thought I would start to share a little more “personal” things about me, starting with Few of My Favorite Things Tuesdays! Where I share anything I am currently in love with, or finding inspirational at the moment. 😀 I want my readers to feel like they know me when they visit Good Deal Mama, and I am not just posting the same ‘ole deals as everyone else.

Feel free to comment on my favorite things and let me know what your favorite things are this week :)

First thing is one of my favorite song quotes right now

“Count your blessings to find what you look for”

Those lyrics are from “Adele, 21” Album that came out today! I am in love with this song as well right now. It is definitly one of my favorite things. And I just ordered the whole album, love it!

I just really like those lyrics because I know alot of times we wish we had the newest “toy” or a better “something” but if you truly think about it we are all really blessed with what we do have. I am thankful for my blessings.

Another one of my favorite things this moment are these cups for my kids {isn’t it funny what can make us so happy, its the little things :) }

                              My husband and I spent Valentines Day weekend out together, and we went shopping on Monday. Some how my we ended up at Gander Mountain, a sporting goods store, much to my husbands delight. Not so much for me–but we did end up looking at the coffee cups. My husband wanted a new one and I had been looking for a new cup for my 5 year old.

                          See a sippy cup is too “babyish” but sometimes he is too clumsy  for a “real” cup.  So I tried the sports cups but found the are really hard to keep clean with the small necks. Well I was so excited to find this Contigo Autoseal Kids 14-Ounce Trekker Cup on Amazon in a 2 pack for just $9.99!  They make them in boy & girl sets and the reviews are great! We love them!

PS: My husband got the “grown up” version of the kids cups, shown here, and LOVES it as well! And right now on Amazon you can get it for $3 less than we paid that day!

So that is it for a Few Of My Favorite Things Tuesdays!

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