Few of My Favorite Things! #3

So this week is all about my favorite things when it comes to staying Healthy! As you may know I have a Get Healthy page here on the site that I check in and talk about my journey on trying to live a healthier lifestyle.  I struggle with this daily and hope that you may pop over to encourage me and others on our journeys.

I have found this blog by Gina, skinnytaste.com and it has quickly became one of my favorite things! Her recipes are comfort foods we all know and love but “light” versions! She even uses weight watcher points for every recipe if you are using them!

This is excatly what I have been needing! I like to eat what I like to eat, and always try to “tweak” them to make them healthier. Gina has now done all the work for me!

My next favorite thing, I do NOT own yet, but hope once it arrives it will quickly become one of my favorite things! It is a mini elliptical, called Stamina 55-1610 In Motion E1000 Elliptical Trainer and is only $86.48! Regular priced at $200!

Now when I first glanced at this elliptical, I thought it was a “stepper” and was not looking for a “stepper”–this is NOT a stepper! It is actually an elliptical without “arms” on it {so it actually works your core more!}


  • Compact, lightweight elliptical trainer for the home or office
  • Foot-pedal-only chassis fits handily under a desk or in a closet
  • Low-impact design protects back, knees, hips, and ankles
  • Electronic monitor tracks strides, exercise time, and calories
  • Sturdy steel construction; non-slip pedals

Benefits I feel this offers:

  • Don’t have to “put together” a huge machine, or find space for it
  • the Price! :)
  • Can move this around the house, depending on where I decide to workout
  • benefits of a “full size” elliptical!
  • Won’t become a coat rack 😀

Out of 306 reviews this item has 4 stars–most ellipticals I was looking at had less than stellar reviews. That bothered me because I have owned other ellipticals with the same problems as the others were complaning of, and didn’t want to spend hundreds on an item that would eventually become an annoying machine I wouldn’t use!

So I am asking, have you ever heard of a mini elliptical? Do you love it? Tell me what you think!

Check this one out over on Amazon here!

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