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Facebook Fan: Hot Wheels Surprise!

Did you sign up to be a fan of Hot Wheels the other day, when I told you something was coming? Well, they announced the surprise:

Hot Wheels We’re so glad you joined us on Facebook! Over the past week, we worked to put together a ‘thank you’ and were able to score you 15% off your entire purchase at our Mattel Shop today until April 5th. Use this code: HWFB15 when you go to here. We hope this helps you get a jump on your Easter shopping.

Remember, I told you about the great barbie sale here! Make Sure you order through Shop at Home you can get 3% back on your purchase, and 5.00 for new members!!

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  1. Thanks for the well-thought article. I’m actually at work at the moment! So I need to go off without reading all I’d like. However, I put your blog on my RSS feed so that I can read even more.

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