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Easy Candy Bar Bouquet Gift Idea!

candy bouquet instructions

I had some guys helping us with our move lately and wanted something simple that would show our thanks.  Since they are men I knew flowers wouldn’t be that impressive, but candy is always a winner!

So I went out to purchase the items to make these Easy Candy Bar Bouquet and got started!

All you need to make yours is:

  • A Container to place your candy bars in, or 4 “movie theater” boxed candy {which you can hot glue together to make a container}
  • Popsicle sticks, bamboo sticks, or any other craft sticks
  • hot glue gun glue sticks and hot glue gun {Or you can be like me and purchase the wrong size glue sticks and just use strong tape 😉 }
  • flora block
  • any decoration items you want including: Curling ribbons, tissue paper, etc.
  • Candy Bars! You can use full size or like me use “fun size” I was able to put more variety in this way and was able to make more then one candy bouquet this way too!

candy bar bouquet


  1. Place flora block into container you purchased or glue four “movie theater” boxed candies together to make a container.
  2. I placed my flora block inside tissue paper and then put it inside my oversized beverage mug.
  3. Tape or Hot Glue each candy bar to your stick {Use some flora tape if you use hot glue and don’t want the glue directly on the candy bar}
  4. If using ribbons, you can tie each ribbon around the candy bar itself or the stick. I did both. Curl the ends
  5. Stick the candy bar “sticks” into the flora block

That’s It!! Easy Peesy, lemon squeezey!  Perfect gift that is easy to put together and looks super cute! 


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