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Dinner Garden: Free Seeds for Your Garden!

The Dinner Garden is giving away FREE Seeds, you can either pick them up at a local store, or get them mailed to you FREE! Go HERE to sign up for your free seeds!

Would you like seeds to start your own garden? Please use the form below to contact us. Include your address, and we’ll send seeds to you immediately!

Just add your address to the comments section to get yours!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate link which continue to keep this site free. See my disclosure policy here

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  1. Thanks…great idea! I have been trying to get my little monster to eat healthier!

  2. Thanks, I know my husband and I were literally just talking about what we were going to plant this year, and I found that! Perfect timing!

  3. What an awesome site! Thanks for the heads up, and I posted about it, and gave you credit by linking back to you.

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