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#RocktheHolidays with Unlimited Music Streaming & Reindeer Food Recipe!

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tmobile music streaming

Don’t you just love to get into the holiday spirit by listening to Christmas music?? I know to me and my family it’s our favorite thing to turn on some Christmas music and start decorating, wrapping gifts, or getting ready for the holidays by making some Reindeer Food!

The best way to enjoy all the Christmas music you want is to stream it right from your phone. T-mobile’s Simple Choice™ cell phone pre-paid plan includes Music Freedom, which allows you to stream unlimited amounts of music! You can stream at high speeds and it doesn’t count against your data usage! That’s NO extra charge and no limits!

Use any of your favorite music services you want, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and so many more and it doesn’t go against any of your data usage!! How amazing is that?!

With T-mobile’s Simple Choice™ and Music Freedom it’s easy to #RocktheHolidays and enjoy all the Christmas music you want for every and any holiday activity you would have!

tmobile display

My kiddos and I ran into Walmart to grab the ingredients for Reindeer Food, and while we were there we were able to grab T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Core Prime and Prepaid $50 Simple Choice™ plan!

We got home, set up the phone and were able to enjoy all the music we wanted! We will now be able to enjoy Christmas music during all our holiday activities!

caiden decorating gingerbread sled

Magical Reindeer Food

Reindeer Food Recipe

Super easy to make a batch! You just need to mix Old Fashion Oats and glitter! That’s it 😉 

We also enjoyed listening to unlimited Christmas music while we decorated!

decorating 2015 cameron decorating 2015 Caiden

What is your favorite Christmas activity??


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Floor Vase DIY With Oatmeal Container!




floor vase from oatmeal containers


So I LOVE pinterest, who doesn’t?! When I see this pin, I knew it was right up my alley! It was cheap, re-purposing, and so cute!

I had saved empty oatmeal containers until I could do this project…so I ending up buying nothing for this, just used items I had on hand.  But even if you would go out and purchase each item for this project it would still be way cheaper then most floor vases! They can cost $50+!!

I used:

Robin Egg’s Blue paint ($1)

Twine from the dollar tree ($1)

2 Oatmeal containers ($5)

small amount of hot glue


1. Before I did anything, I cut the bottom out of one of the oatmeal containers. I then sat that container on top of the opened 2nd container and hot glued them together so that it was one long open container.

2. The original poster just ripped her outer label off her oatmeal containers, but mine weren’t ripping off correctly, so that’s why I just painted mine. I painted the whole long container with two coats, it wasn’t perfectly covered but it was fine because I knew I would be covering it with twine.

3. To start the twine part, I hot glued a piece to the very top, once that was secure I just started wrapping the twine around the container, trying to make sure there wasn’t huge gaps between the layers.  At the end I hot glued the end piece to the bottom. I didn’t hot glue through out the vase, but because it was one piece of twine it didn’t need it, I just kept the twine pretty tight to the container.

Some spots do have more of the robin’s egg blue showing through but I like that. I then added lighted twigs and some floral picks I had and viola! Done! Easy! And NO ONE ever would be the wiser that it is made from oatmeal containers!!!

floor vase made with oatmeal containers


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Breakfast Station For Kids Using Quaker #QuakerTime #Ad

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breakfast station for kids


So school is starting in the next few weeks around here, and some of you are actually sending your kids back already! {Which I think is an excellent idea!! Get on the all year school train PA!} I needed to get things ready for back to school now because the next few weekends are pretty busy for our household.

My kids have an entire list of school supplies they need for this year, so we headed over to Walmart to get everything on their supply list. While I was there I wanted to grab some easy and quick breakfast and snack items. I decided that with both boys in school full time now and me working as a school nurse I need things to run as smooth as possible in the morning!

grab and go for mornings

I decided I was going to make a lunch box station, with grab and go items for their lunch boxes. And a breakfast station with items each of the kids can choose to grab and help prepare for themselves!  I do believe that my kids need to start helping more with these chores so this was a perfect solution!

quaker display 1

Right when we walked into Walmart there was a huge display of Quaker items set up with bonus boxes of Chocolate Chip granola bars 24 count plus a birthday cake bar bonus! Perfect!! These can be used for in the mornings, and also be thrown into their lunchboxes as a nice snack at lunch or afternoon!  The granola bars are a perfect grab and go item along with a banana for mornings if we are a bit rushed for time!

find breakfast station items

Then I grabbed the Maple & Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal packets in a 20 pack box. Needing to just add hot water for a quick and hot breakfast is perfect for my plan! Plus both boys love the Maple & Brown sugar flavor! It’s really convenient to be able to buy it in such a large quantity without needing a “club membership”

cap n crunch

And lastly I grabbed a HUGE box of Cap’N Crunch Peanut Butter cereal. If the boys feel like a bowl of cereal, they can quickly grab the pre-measured  amount, add milk and done! Plus the oldest kid in the house LOVES this cereal too! 😉

See all the Quaker items you can find at Walmart on the Walmart Quaker page!

I am excited to see how my breakfast station works out once school is in full swing and mornings are a bit more chaotic around here. But for now the boys like knowing what is available and feeling a bit more independent being able to help themselves!

Find even more great breakfast ideas and more at Quaker’s pinterest and see videos of recipes at Quaker’s Youtube page! Some yummy ideas on there!!


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Chore & Reward Sticks Discipline System

chore and reward sticks

Ok, so I really, really needed a better discipline system in place. Ok honestly, I just needed a system period.

I have two boys ages 10 and almost 7, who overall are good kids. No really they are. BUT they like to whine, and nag, and complain and I can not stand it! They will ask me four times the same question to break my will and try and get me to, out of complete exhaustion, change my mind. I’m not going to lie, it did work. Too many times and that’s why they did it! They also would like to say they are “bored” which drives me batty! And even though for the most part they get along with each other, like any other siblings they have times where they can be down right nasty to one another.

I thought of a way that without having to think about I could come up with a punishment for each of these crimes. Usually early bedtime was my go to punishment but that and no electronics were really my only two tricks up my sleeve.  So then I thought of having some additional chores they would have to do if they were “bugging” about something, fighting with each other, said they were bored, or just overall not behaving.

So the Chore Sticks discipline system was born!

Here is how it works in our house:

  • Each of my sons has weekly chores that they MUST complete or if they don’t they, don’t get their weekly allowance. {Which side note, has been a saving grace for all the “gimmies” at stores. If they don’t have the money for an item they want, I don’t buy it. They have to save up their allowance from each week to purchase what they want when we are out shopping. Sometimes if we are someone where we might not be back for a long time, or its a thrift store where the item may be gone next time we are there, I will “loan” them the extra money they need. But they don’t get any more allowances or loans until its paid off}

SO the Chore Sticks are in addition to their weekly chores.

chores on chore sticks

  • If either child is not behaving for any reason they will receive a warning that if they don’t stop the behavior they will need to pick a chore stick.
  • If they don’t stop the behavior they get to choose a chore stick. Green dots for my oldest son, and red dots for my youngest. Some of their chores are the same, but some aren’t able to be completed by my younger son.
  • If the chore is not completed, or if they did a very poor job just to get it done, they will automatically have an early bedtime that night.

reward sticks

I actually had both my sons come in when I started making the sticks and they asked if they could get rewarded for good behavior too, so we made some reward sticks, as well. As the picture shows above they are little treats that they might not get to do all the time. They also asked if they chose to do a chore stick could they get to pick a reward stick, so that is also in place right now.

My sons seemed to be actually excited about the sticks. My oldest asked me to make sure that I made sure they actually did the chore on the stick and told me I was “mature” for coming up with the idea. {He also really likes to follow rules and having structure}

Actual Use of the system:

It has been wonderful! I have only had to give a few warnings, and a couple chore sticks out. And I have children going out of their way to get along and help out around the house for the chance of getting a reward stick.

It is really nice that I can add in additional rewards or chores if needed, or even take some away if I want.

I think both my kids honestly NEEDED some better structure and boundaries. They now know the consequences of their actions and stop and think before continuing with their bad behavior. I just hope it sticks 😉 and it continues to work for us!!

Oooooh and one of the best parts of this system??!!? You don’t need a bunch of fancy items to make it work. Some Popsicle sticks and two little Dollar Tree vases is all I used!! So for $3 total I had my system in place!! That’s why I jokingly called it the Dollar Tree Discipline system.. But you can use anything you have on hand, even little baggies would work!

Please share if you start to use this system and it works for you!!! Or if you do something else, what is it? And how does it work for your family!!

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Did You Know: How to Remove Super Glue from Skin

I seriously never knew how easy it was to remove super glue from your skin! Isn’t it the worse when you get any super glue on your fingers?! I can’t stand it and usually try to avoid using super glue just because I know its going to end up on me some how.

Well my son asked me to fix his binder pocket and handed me the super glue. I of course got it all over me as soon as I tried piercing the top of it! Dang it! So off I went to try to find out how to get it off my fingers!  Found this easy solution on Instructables  so I thought I would share because I can’t be the only person who didn’t know this.


remove super glue from skin

Tip: Use Lemon Juice instead of water for even more help of removing the super glue! 

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Playdoh Mix in A Jar:: Recipe & Free Printable!

playdoh mix in a jar

Here is a fun snowy or rainy day activity! Make some of your own playdoh! My kids and I have been wanting to make some home made playdoh for a few days now but hadn’t gotten around to it until today. The other day I got all the dry ingredients together and thought, Wow this would make a great little gift item to give to the kiddos you know who like to make things.

homemade playdoh ingredients

Making homemade playdoh isn’t hard at all, and all except the cream of tartar I had all the items on hand.

To make this as a gift place these items into a 1 quart jar or plastic container

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 2 tablespoons cream of tartar

Then you can attach the following tag to your gift {Just click on the image to make it larger and print}

playdoh mix in a jar tags

On my computer I had to uncheck “fit photo to page” button so that it would print correctly.

Or to make your own playdoh add this to your dry ingredients

  • 2 tablespoons oil { I used coconut, makes it smell yum}
  • 1 1/2 cups boiling water {be careful! 😉 }
  • whatever drops of food coloring you would like

homemade playdoh recipe


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Crafters!! DYI Kits $10 Credit!

Darby Smart

Do you love to be crafty? You need to check out this cool site called Darby Smart!   Darby Smart is simple DIY projects based on the latest fashion and home trends.

You can use code howdydarby to get $10 off your first purchase and every order ships FREE!

I just placed my first order and I am excited to get my box of goodies! And excited to continue to see all the new kits they put out!

Check it all out here and get your FREE $10!

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Creepy Glow Eyes Instructions

creepy glow eyes instructions

My mom actually shared this idea with me, and I was amazed I have never seen it before! It was a cheap and easy idea and a great way to make some scary decorations for your yard or porch for Halloween!

My kiddos and I put these together last night and I have some tips to share with you!

items needed for glow stick eyes

Items needed for project:



Toilet Paper Rolls, Paper Towel Rolls, or any cardboard you have on hand

Glow Sticks, I found mine at Big Lots 12 for $4 in four different colors

Instructions for Glow Stick Eyes:

1. If you don’t have extra toilet paper rolls, take cardboard box and make into tube shapes.

creepy eyes in toilet paper rolls

2. Cut “Eyes” into toilet paper rolls. Larger holes work better then small slit type holes. It lets more of the glow light through. Not too large or then you can see behind the glow stick. Also make sure they aren’t too far apart from each other, because one end of the stick is smaller then the other

glow eyes in toilet paper rolls

3. Then take the glow stick and smash the toilet paper roll and tape the sides down, so most of the light can come out the eye holes and not the sides. We cut some cereal box squares to put on the ends of the tubes but found just taping close the ends worked fine. You could use dark tape as well and that would really help too, but we found no issues with using clear.


eyes in the bush

4.  Stick the eyes inside any bush, or plant that you have around your house. Or stick them anywhere you can “hide” them! You can even put them inside for trick or treat or a Halloween party if its dark enough and you can “hide” them.

creepy glow eyes instructions

melted crayon pumpkin how to

You can also make Melted Crayon Pumpkins too!

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