CVS: Free Items from the Coupon Machine!

Have I ever told you how much I love the CVS coupon machine?! Handing out awesome coupons week after week, just makes shopping at CVS oh that much better :)

It’s so awesome! And like the Ad states we should see some FREE item coupons pop out when you scan that card of yours!

**Remember to scan you card until it states,”no coupons available, check back tomorrow”. And that you may not get the same coupons as others, but check back another day because you never know


These coupons will expire they day they print, so make sure to grab those FREEBIES!

Free Carefree Pantiliner 20 ct (up to $1.87)
Free CVS Fabric Bandaids 20 ct (up to $4.29)
Free Hersey Caramello Candy Bar 1.6 oz (up to $1.19)

Other coupons you may get:

10% off your next Beauty Purchase (up to $99.00). Three days only.
$2/$10 contact lens care, general eye care or ear care
$3/$15 grocery purchase
$2/$10 diet or nutrition bar purchase
$3/$15 baby care purchase
$2/10 coffee purchase
$3 off any battery purchase {Would that mean FREE Batteries? I hope so, I need some :) }
Make sure to check out the good deals this week at CVS before you head out to scan your card!

So what did you get?


Have any questions on how to score this good deal? Feel free to leave it in the comments or contact me! I never mind helping someone score a good deal, freebie, or coupon!

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