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Curly Girl Method :: How to Have Healthy Curls!

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If you have wavy, curly, or unruly hair you need to read this! I never heard about this until September of this past year and couldn’t believe NO ONE had ever mentioned it to me!?! I have had curly hair all my life, during my preteen’s it got more volume and less “curl” because I didn’t know how to care for it. I was in a constant battle with my hair!

Then I learned about the Curly Girl method and do believe EVERYbody with even a wave in their hair needs to know about it!

Let me just take you on a little photo tour of my journey with the Curly Girl method

uncurly hair

This is about 2 summers ago when I *thought* I knew how to care for my curls. They were dry and undefined

before curly girl

This photo was taken the day I decided to start curly girl method. I had had enough with dry, unruly curly hair. Look at it! It’s just gross!

9 days

This photo is 9 days into “curly girl method” and I was already seeing healthier hair. More moisturized and defined curls

nice curls

Here is a more recent photo of my now healthier curls. I still have a ways to go because it can take months for the health of your curls to come back. But I think you can tell how much better they are!

back of curls

And a back view of my healthier curls! {Did you just scroll up to see my before back shot?} Well here they are side by side:
before after curly girl

So now that you just seen a billion pictures of me are you asking HOW? How did I get my dry, unruly hair to give me healthier curls? The answer is I follow the Curly Girl Method.

I will give you a brief run down of how it works.

Curly hair is drier and has less moisture then other types of hair. You need to avoid two things: Sulfates and Silicones:

Typical shampoo contains harsh chemicals called sulfates, which strip hair of its natural oils and moisture. Check your label of your dish soap and then check your shampoo they both contain sulfates! Which is great for greasy, dirty dishes but not so great for your dry, damaged hair!

As most shampoos contain sulfates, most conditioners, and various other styling products (ex. serums, gels), contain various silicones. They are used to make your hair shiny-looking. The only way to remove (most) silicones is with sulfates. Since, with the method, you won’t use any sulfates, it is important to avoid heavy silicones. If you continue to use silicones, they will build up on your hair and it won’t be pretty

So you “wash” with conditioner {one that DOES NOT have silicone in it}. Avoid sulfates and silicone in products you put in your hair. Plus there are a TON of other things you can do to “help” your hair look better.  Those are just the main things to do to help your hair!

If you would like you can purchase the Curly Girl Method book here from Amazon . You should also check out Naturallycurly.com where there is a ton of great info!


Update: Many of you email to ask what I use on my hair 
I use Sauve coconut conditioner “to wash” with and then I use a conditioner from Sally Beauty its called GVP Conditioning Balm: Compare to Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm you can find it HERE

I don’t use a towel on my hair, I use an old tshirt. I sometimes do a “plop” to dry my hair
Then I use Eco Styler Krystal Styling Gel that you can find here to style my hair.
I do sometimes use the method of drying my hair with a diffuser blow dryer attachment while “crunching” it and that can help with definition of your curls too


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  1. Thanks for this Janel! I have curly hair too and although I had switched to a sulfate free conditioner I did not switch to a sulfate free shampoo. I wil have to give using conditioner as a shampoo a try and read the boom of course. I would love for my hair and curls to look better.


  2. What products do you use? Would be interested in knowing. Thanks! Your hair is beautiful.

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