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Creepy Glow Eyes Instructions

creepy glow eyes instructions

My mom actually shared this idea with me, and I was amazed I have never seen it before! It was a cheap and easy idea and a great way to make some scary decorations for your yard or porch for Halloween!

My kiddos and I put these together last night and I have some tips to share with you!

items needed for glow stick eyes

Items needed for project:



Toilet Paper Rolls, Paper Towel Rolls, or any cardboard you have on hand

Glow Sticks, I found mine at Big Lots 12 for $4 in four different colors

Instructions for Glow Stick Eyes:

1. If you don’t have extra toilet paper rolls, take cardboard box and make into tube shapes.

creepy eyes in toilet paper rolls

2. Cut “Eyes” into toilet paper rolls. Larger holes work better then small slit type holes. It lets more of the glow light through. Not too large or then you can see behind the glow stick. Also make sure they aren’t too far apart from each other, because one end of the stick is smaller then the other

glow eyes in toilet paper rolls

3. Then take the glow stick and smash the toilet paper roll and tape the sides down, so most of the light can come out the eye holes and not the sides. We cut some cereal box squares to put on the ends of the tubes but found just taping close the ends worked fine. You could use dark tape as well and that would really help too, but we found no issues with using clear.


eyes in the bush

4.  Stick the eyes inside any bush, or plant that you have around your house. Or stick them anywhere you can “hide” them! You can even put them inside for trick or treat or a Halloween party if its dark enough and you can “hide” them.

creepy glow eyes instructions

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You can also make Melted Crayon Pumpkins too!

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