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Coupons + Husbands Do They Mix?

Grrr…I have to rant for a minute!

My husband has an ear infection and sinus congestion right now. He went to the doctor the other day and stopped at Rite Aid to get his prescription. Nothing wrong with the picture yet, but here’s why I don’t think coupons and husband mix:

  1. He bought items at FULL retail! Items we HAVE at home that we got for FREE!  **These were OTC meds he got in addition to his prescription**
  2. He didn’t use our Rite Aid rewards card
  3. He could have use this coupon to save atleast $1 off retail, or this one for another $1 off, or this one for another $1 off! 

He obvisioulsy doesn’t check our stockpile before shopping, or even think about coupons. I would blame him being sick, but I just don’t think that he even thinks about this stuff ever. Even being Good Deal Mama’s husband. He just lets the deals up to me, and thank goodness because if it was up to him…*shutter* I don’t even want to think about it!

So does your husband and coupons mix? Are they good about shopping “deals” or are they as lost as mine? 

If someone does a Daddy Deal Boot Camp, let me know I may be signing mine up! 😉

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  1. fellow couponer says

    having been married for decades to someone who grew up without any coupon knowledge and some thirty years later could just care less because he doesn’t get it or even care to get it—personally i gave up—he will however run an errand if i have everything wrote down and mapped out in extreme detail and i cross my fingers & toes nothing beeps

  2. Its the other way around in our house. My wife does use coupons but not very well. Like the other day she went to Sams and bought grapes for $6.99/3lbs when they where on sale at Meijer for $1.18/lb and it was in there sales ad. She just doesn’t like shopping with a ton of coupons either. But we try to compromise, she gives me the list before she goes shopping and I give her the coupons. But the unexpected trips where she overpaid about $4 for grapes just makes you *smile 🙂

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