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Chore & Reward Sticks Discipline System

chore and reward sticks

Ok, so I really, really needed a better discipline system in place. Ok honestly, I just needed a system period.

I have two boys ages 10 and almost 7, who overall are good kids. No really they are. BUT they like to whine, and nag, and complain and I can not stand it! They will ask me four times the same question to break my will and try and get me to, out of complete exhaustion, change my mind. I’m not going to lie, it did work. Too many times and that’s why they did it! They also would like to say they are “bored” which drives me batty! And even though for the most part they get along with each other, like any other siblings they have times where they can be down right nasty to one another.

I thought of a way that without having to think about I could come up with a punishment for each of these crimes. Usually early bedtime was my go to punishment but that and no electronics were really my only two tricks up my sleeve.  So then I thought of having some additional chores they would have to do if they were “bugging” about something, fighting with each other, said they were bored, or just overall not behaving.

So the Chore Sticks discipline system was born!

Here is how it works in our house:

  • Each of my sons has weekly chores that they MUST complete or if they don’t they, don’t get their weekly allowance. {Which side note, has been a saving grace for all the “gimmies” at stores. If they don’t have the money for an item they want, I don’t buy it. They have to save up their allowance from each week to purchase what they want when we are out shopping. Sometimes if we are someone where we might not be back for a long time, or its a thrift store where the item may be gone next time we are there, I will “loan” them the extra money they need. But they don’t get any more allowances or loans until its paid off}

SO the Chore Sticks are in addition to their weekly chores.

chores on chore sticks

  • If either child is not behaving for any reason they will receive a warning that if they don’t stop the behavior they will need to pick a chore stick.
  • If they don’t stop the behavior they get to choose a chore stick. Green dots for my oldest son, and red dots for my youngest. Some of their chores are the same, but some aren’t able to be completed by my younger son.
  • If the chore is not completed, or if they did a very poor job just to get it done, they will automatically have an early bedtime that night.

reward sticks

I actually had both my sons come in when I started making the sticks and they asked if they could get rewarded for good behavior too, so we made some reward sticks, as well. As the picture shows above they are little treats that they might not get to do all the time. They also asked if they chose to do a chore stick could they get to pick a reward stick, so that is also in place right now.

My sons seemed to be actually excited about the sticks. My oldest asked me to make sure that I made sure they actually did the chore on the stick and told me I was “mature” for coming up with the idea. {He also really likes to follow rules and having structure}

Actual Use of the system:

It has been wonderful! I have only had to give a few warnings, and a couple chore sticks out. And I have children going out of their way to get along and help out around the house for the chance of getting a reward stick.

It is really nice that I can add in additional rewards or chores if needed, or even take some away if I want.

I think both my kids honestly NEEDED some better structure and boundaries. They now know the consequences of their actions and stop and think before continuing with their bad behavior. I just hope it sticks 😉 and it continues to work for us!!

Oooooh and one of the best parts of this system??!!? You don’t need a bunch of fancy items to make it work. Some Popsicle sticks and two little Dollar Tree vases is all I used!! So for $3 total I had my system in place!! That’s why I jokingly called it the Dollar Tree Discipline system.. But you can use anything you have on hand, even little baggies would work!

Please share if you start to use this system and it works for you!!! Or if you do something else, what is it? And how does it work for your family!!

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