Bulk Cooking: Save Time and Money!

I really want to start trying out OAMC, or Once a Month Cooking. Maybe not cooking 30 meals in one day {that seems like a little much}, but I would like to cook up a good amount of meals , so that I have some go to meals that I know I can throw in the oven and I am good to go! Without having to use something that is not so healthy or cost effective for my family!! Money Saving Mom, is doing a series on it right now, and since I am really trying to get started with doing this, I thought it was perfect timing!

Some tips to get started…

  1. Pick your recipes {I am going to work with 5}
  2. Write your grocery list {for like items, just make a tally so you know how many to buy}
  3. Search through your stockpile first, before the store. {this might influence your #1 and #2 so maybe do this first. I plan on looking at items everyone has been able to get cheap/free lately and use them first.
  4. Look at how you will store these items. If the meal is casserole like, it would be good to put it in a dish with lid. If it’s “meal parts” {ex. mashed potatoes and pork} could be stored in freezer bags. Make sure you have enough of whichever you are using.
  5. Plan your prep {prep all alike ingredients}, the order in which to cook, and then assemble.

So, interested in starting with me? Let me know in the comments, and if there is enough interest I will work up 5 meals we can bulk cook. With recipes, ingredients list, and steps to prepare, and next Saturday I will share them all with you. I think these 5 meals I will make double batches {so a total of 10 meals} Lets start there, and see how that goes….

Any tips, suggestions, comments?

I understand that this is not the first thing one would do on the road to living thrifty, first one would shop deals, start a stockpile, and then do this. And I have not covered in detail, how to do the first two {plan on it!} but this is calling me, so please feel free to ask any questions about ANYTHING if you would like! I will answer as best I can!

{A big Thanks to Money Saving Mom and Life as a Mom! They are the experts on this,  feel free to browse their sites!}

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  1. Austen and I do this every month. I follow the onceamonthmom.com blog and use their menu and lists. She, like, quadruples the batches though, so I just cook a single or double batch depending on if it’s something we’ll really like. So far we have been pretty pleased with the meals. There have only been a few that have been downright gross (and those are the tortilla based casseroles – the tortillas just get soggy). We think it’s great since we both work and can just come home and have dinner done in a half hour of baking. And we actually have fun cooking together on our cooking days. :)

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