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Inside Day at the Beach! Plus Fake Sand Recipe!

As part of the 104 Days of Summer Fun, today’s activity is a Beach Themed Party at Home!

inside day at the beach

This is such a fun idea to make a boring day into a fun one! Have a Beach Themed Party at home with these ideas! Let me know what else you would do for your themed day!


Supplies needed:

  • Beach Towels
  • Food suitable for picnic
  • paint or crayons
  • flour and baby oil {see below for recipe}


  1. Lay Beach Towels out
  2. Serve food suitable for picnic or items you would take to the beach.
  3. Paint or color beach themed pictures and hang up
  4. Make “Sand” in rubbermaid container, then use cookie cutters for making “sand castle”

How to Make Inside “Sand”

Mix 9 Cups Flour with 1 and 1/4 cup Baby Oil to make your own sand that you can play with inside! Make sure to place it inside large bowl or rubbermaid container so you can “contain” the mess 🙂


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