Back to School: Manners Matter!

My 5 year old had his very first day of Kindergarten today. And as most moms, I made sure he had his backpack, school supplies, and new shoes. And of course got a good deal on all of them, I am Good Deal Mama, right?! But one of the most important things I tried to send him to school with doesn’t cost a penny! And its one of the most important things a child needs in their life…manners!

So, this isn’t a good deal, freebie, or coupon, but I hope you still enjoy this glimpse into my life.  I am writing this post as a chance to win tickets to Relevant 10, a Christian Blogging Conference for Women. So if you enjoy this post, please comment below, as it will be a factor in the winning entry!

Manners Mentor is gathering women who believe that children need to learn manners at a young age and through out their lives.  What I love about Manners Mentor is that this is not your grandma’s “etiquette” class, it involves technology, its modern, fast-paced and takes into account peoples lifestyles.

I completely agree with their philosophies and think that more and more adults are losing the common manners that should be instilled into us as humans. And it’s because its not taught anymore! I want my sons to be thriving, faithful, respectful men as they grow into adults.  I think that most moms want that too! Manners Mentors are here to do just that! If you are interested in finding out about becoming a Manners Mentor click here for more information!

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  1. Good point and good luck with Relevant!

  2. Thanks Janel…good info!

  3. I agree, teaching manner is so important — and something I’m seeking to instill in my young children.

    Oh and I’d love to get to meet you at Relevant! :)

  4. I agree…manners…among other important attributes (like morals and ethics) are not being passed down from the parents … I want my boys to be gentlemen…now and when they grow up to be men.

    Thanks for the post and good luck with Relevant.


  5. Hi Janel,
    My 5 year old daughter starts Kindergarten next week!! Hope it went well for your son AND for you!
    Love the post- good luck and I hope you win!

  6. Wow! Great post! It often stuns me when I see children exhibit awful manners and then watch their parents completely ignore the behavior…it’s hard not to say something myself!

    And the T.V programs they watch now a days are just full of “rudeness” and “attitude city”…..

    I’m definitely going to be checking out that website!

  7. Manners are SO important. We’re a part of a homeschool co-op group that has a weekly “tea time” boys included where we do just that – teach them etiquette and manners, it will go a long way! Would love to see you at Relevant, I’ll be there!!

  8. Great post and a subject that is near and dear to my heart! As a teacher, previously at a private school, we felt the need to create a “character” curriculum because of such a loss in manners, respect, responsibility, honesty (and morals in general) from children in today’s society.

    Our 9 months of focus on nine different character traits made a world of difference that was repeated year after year. It NEEDS to be taught and it is hard work.

    I work hard these days with my own kids, and it will be worth it in the end!

  9. I agree with you! Manners are the most important thing a child can take to school with him. So many parents these days forget about sending their child off to school with that. Thanks for the post!

  10. Great post! Teaching manners has been a big part of our family too. I always remind my five that first and foremost manners are about making those around you more comfortable.

    I took an etiquette class once where the teacher shared how she had scolded a waiter and written a letter to management of a restaurant because the waiter took her dinner plate away before her friend had finished her food. I was thinking maybe that wasn’t officially “appropriate” but in the end she probably made everyone more uncomfortable with that reaction. Which seems like the opposite of manners. Know what I mean?

  11. It is so important to teach our children manners. Manner Mentors sounds like a great program.
    I’m going to Relevant 10! You were one of the first bloggers I met “virtually” and I really hope to meet you in real life at the conference! Good Luck!

  12. great post Janel!!

    cannot agree more…I too strongly believe that children need to learn manners at young age!

  13. As a fellow blogger I am shocked at some of the rude comments we all get on our sites. The first thing that i think is ” what would your momma think”…. It starts at a young age, and in the home. It is a big job we have teaching our little ones, Hugs!

  14. Lauran Mason says:

    I am real big on manners. And I have been told my 20 yr old is a great mannered young man which tickles me to no end. I have a daughter who is a little bit of a tomboy and put her in situations that will teach her to act with the best manners she can.

  15. Great post, Janel!! Good luck with the conference ticket!! Hope you have a wonderful time!!

  16. Awesome post Janel! I agree with Sarah…manners start at a young age and are often reflected throughout our lives. This makes it so important to continue to instill these values into the next generation!

  17. Oh, I very much agree! I read in a parenting book that it is important to get an early start… we are trying to teach my 18 month old not to throw food from his plate!

  18. Great post!! I am adding it to my articles category on my website! Teaching children manners does not seem important to a lot of people anymore. However, I really notice, not only children, but adults that display good manners. They really stand out to me. I teach first grade at a Christian school and manners is one of the things I really stress in my classroom. Of course, teaching them at home is one of the most important gifts that we can give our children!

  19. Great post Janel. I agree 100%. Teaching manners is very important, starting at a young age!


  20. Dear Janel,

    You wrote a lovely blog post. Thank you for sharing the Beocme a Manners Mentor opportunity with your readers and for entering the contest to win a Relevant Conference ticket.


  21. Teaching manners is such an important thing. I’m amazed at how many people are shocked when my daughter was telling them, “Thank You” at 18 months old. I guess I’ve always viewed it as something that kids should just do.

    I hope you get to go to Relevant!


  22. Thank you for the reminder! Manners are so important, but not something everyone remembers to incorporate into our “school readiness” routine. Manners are something that must be taught, so thank you for reminding us to all teach our kids good manners!

  23. Of course it’s more important than ever at a young age.

  24. Janel,
    Great post. We, too, believe that manners should be taught when they are young. As our boys are getting older, and grunting has become their main form of communicating with us (teenagers…lol), we get tickled pink when our neighbors, teachers and friends tell us how polite and well-mannered they are.

  25. Very good points! Great to remind everyone that even in 2010, manners matter.

  26. LOVE it! Manners DO matter!

  27. Love it! Manners have been put to the wayside as time has gone by and it was great to see that manners do really matter!

  28. Great post! Thanks for sharing!!

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