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A Little Update! Hopefully Good News

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Well Hello there any one who is left that reads my little ol’ blog here at Good Deal Mama 🙂 I have so missed blogging but I have been busy with life, and working, and kiddos and just not fully committed to all the time it takes to run this blog like it needs.

Buuuutttt…..as much as I have been gone, I have missed blogging and I have SO many ideas that I want NEED to share with the world, that I have decided to start blogging again.

The old Good Deal Mama was basically all about good deals, coupons, freebies, etc. And my heart is no longer into all that. I still love a good deal! I will still use coupons, but stock piling, and spending hours planning and shopping doesn’t happen around here right now. And that’s ok, I still try to find ways to save without all the fuss. I probably don’t save as much as the person with 108 packs of toothpaste in their basement, but I am ok with that right now.

Maybe someday I will go back to full force couponing, right now I am a everyday saver, a Good Deal Mama if you will 😉 I like to get good deals but its not my main focus.

So if you would like please join me in Phase 2 of Good Deal Mama, where I will blog every so often to pop in with a DYI, recipe, How To, Idea, occasionally a good deal, or maybe just a life story. <3


I would really appreciate you sticking around, and look forward to seeing my little blog more often !!

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