A Few of My Favorite Things {2nd Edition} My Steam Cleaner!

  Here is the 2nd Edition of A Few of My Favorite Things Tuesday! I am excited to share with you todays Favorite, it is Wagner Power Steamer &  Cleaner! Let me tell you I never thought I could be so excited about cleaning! I am going to give you all the reasons I love it and any cons I did find with it!

 Technical Details

  • 1,500-watt steam cleaner and wallpaper remover
  • Steam Mops floors with attachment 
  • Pressurized system removes wallpaper; kills bacteria; sanitizes grills
  • Pre-heat time: 12 minutes; run time: 45 minutes (continuous)
  • Includes accessories
  • Weighs less than 18 pounds

My Thoughts

I ordered this cleaner on Amazon for just $85, orginally $150! I am not one to quickly order or buy anything, I have to read reviews, look at any negatives, and of course make sure I am getting a good deal 😉 Well out of over 400 reviews only 70 were 3 stars and under the rest gave it either 4 or 5 stars!

              I plan on removing some wallpaper from our home soon, so the fact that this could be a wall paper remover was so cool to me. Then it also had a floor attachment so I could steam mop my kitchen floor & also use the regular nozzle for steam cleaning everything else was awesome! I never seen a steam cleaner that could do all three! So I got it out of the box, and literally had it together in 5 minutes. Filled it and waited for it to be ready. I got to work on the one area I knew I wanted to clean with it. My refrigerator water dispenser tray.

Oh my goodness, it was so disgusting! I clean that tray regularly and the amount of dirt that was coming out was alarming! I could NOT believe it! It actually took me longer to clean that thing then I thought it would because of how much was “caught” in those grooves. {PS Why don’t they make those trays removable, so you can clean it? Maybe they do now, I will have to check into it}

So I moved on to the edge of my kitchen floor where it meets the hardwood dining room floor—and the dirt that collects in there that I can never seem to get out. WOW! It took nothing to get it out and with a quick swipe it looked great!

BUT Wait, I stepped back from cleaning that to look at the floor and realized, my floor isn’t this light brown shade, but more of a cream color! I realized I had cleaned the actual floor and it was a different color than I had always thought! HOW Crazy is that?!

It took me a lot longer than I thought to clean my floor as well, but now that its done I will be so simply to go over it with the mop attachment and be done it no time! It just really needed a good cleaning!

I cleaned so much with it and truly think your house can not be truly clean without one. I don’t think you can believe it until you have tried it out!

The few “cons” I have are really silly in comparison with how much I am so appreciative of this cleaner, but I want to put them out there:

  • It is Very Loud, but you are getting lots of power with it
  • Its a little smelly {don’t really know why, but thinking its from the nasty dirt}
  • In places hard to clean like the water drip tray, it was equally as difficult making sure ALL the dirt got out when cleaning it, it likes to trap things, you know 😉

Most of those I am sure come with any good, powerful cleaner. And are not specific to the one I got.

 OH, but biggest positive of all: NO Chemicals needed!

Go here to check out this cleaner!

So do you Steam Clean? Do you love it?

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