FREE Recycling Stickers!

free recycling stickers 232x300 Free Recycling Stickers: Turn Anything into a Recycle Bin

FREE Recycling Stickers, turn anything into a recycle bin! Go here to grab yours!

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  1. thank you! just got a new recycling trash can for the kitchen, and despite writing “recyclables only” people still put trash in it. of course, it’s always adults…the 5 kids all know what goes in there and what doesn’t! 😉

  2. Corinne says:

    All gone, shoot! Thanks for letting us know though.

  3. As of June 4th, we still have about 800 stickers to give away. Order them soon! we’ll follow up if we run out.

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  5. Just a little reminder that we printed some more free stickers! Order yours now, before they are gone too.

    Happy Recycling!


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