4 Workout DVDs for Just $10!

Choose One 4-disc DVD set from 8 options for just $10 from Mamapedia!

Making lists of New Year’s resolutions was the easy part…finding the motivation to fulfill them is a bit more challenging. It can be tough to drag yourself outside to jog in the bitter cold, or drive to the gym when you’ve got a million other things demanding your attention. With today’s Sweet Deal, you can stay put AND stay fit, without putting your budget on a diet: just $10 gets you any one of eight 4-DVD fitness set from Mill Creek Entertainment.

One of the biggest downfalls of any exercise routine is boredom. And doing the same things day in and day out isn’t just tedious—it’s also ineffective. The key to success is mixing up your routines to work different muscle groups while also keeping your mind engaged. With the Mill Creek DVD fitness set, you can do a different workout every day, so burnout won’t be an option.

The DVDs provide the perfect blend of cardio (like Dancercise, Kickboxing, and Cardio Blast), strength (Iron Core Kettlebell, Total Body Workout, and more), and flexibility (Yoga and Beach Pilates)

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I am going to grab Dancercise, it seems like it would be a fun workout!

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