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100 Swagbucks for NEW Members! Free $5 Amazon Gift Cards!

Have you joined Swagbucks yet? If not now is the time! Just enter Swagbucks promo code  BIGTIMEBUCKS – it’s worth and additional 70 Swag Bucks when applied during sign up, meaning you would start with 100 total Swag Bucks instead of the normal 30. The code is active now and is good until 11:59pm PT this coming Monday!


Not sure what swagbucks is? Here’s a little Swagbucks 101!


If you are like me you are always looking for a way to maximize your budget and love FREE things! When I heard about Swagbucks I didn’t realize how much it would help my household budget or how easy it was to use! You don’t have to jump through hoops or do anything you don’t already do!

Swagbucks is a very simple & FREE way to get more from an everyday task that most people do with out even thinking about it. Every time you need to search for something you could be rewarded  for it! Swagbucks is a search engine that just like Google or Bing that allows you to search but gives you something back when you do it.

You “earn” swagbucks which are like virtual dollars or points. These accumulate when you search and you can then cash them in for different items such as electronics, apparel, or even gift cards along with 100′s of other prizes.
Each day when you search for the items you are looking for you will be rewarded with “Swagbucks“ in different increments from 5 to hundreds. There are often even bonus ways to earn additional swagbucks. The more you search the more you can win each day.
My favorite way to use the swagbucks I earn is the $5 Amazon Gift Card for just 450 swagbucks.

It can definitely add up fast and really help you save towards your household budget or help pay for Christmas gifts! I use Amazon Gift Cards to pay for good deals on groceries, gifts and everyday essentials like toilet paper or ink ;)
If you found this interesting and would like to learn even more about how to cash in on something simple that you probably do already you can go to swagbucks.com


Plus there is a swagbucks code right now over on the Swagbucks blog worth 8 swagbucks until 12:30!

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